Whereas most of 2014’s G650 sales scraped by at above $70MM.The recent year’s few post-closing (and some unauthorized pre-closing) G650 sales are beginning to look like coal in a Christmas stocking.

This year’s crop of G650 sales, including some immediate post-delivery sales (a windfall for Charleston SC FBO’s and other local low tax/tax free states and their FBO’s) have left those early buyers with an instant multi-million dollar depreciation….Although, a few mill. here and there is probably chump change to the G650 ‘club’.

Aviatrade can now report the first ever sub-$60MM sale of a G650…albeit a relatively high-time former G650 demonstrator. Self-evidently, not even the queen of the skies is immune to the overall depressed market for pre-owned bizjets.

Any owner currently trying to sell an ‘exotic’ G650 (read..mostly non-European/US owners) will suffer at the hands of the bargain-hunters. One such G650 currently for sale has a bedroom and shower in the aft cabin…(hmmm…did I hear payload/weight and balance issues ?)….this one will clearly be sold to a soapy OCD/narcoleptic.

There are some bargains among the 650’s…but as usual, it’s caveat emptor and just like the new international money transfer/banking protocol…KYC !

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