Philip Rushton

Founder & President

Philip’s aviation career began at sixteen. Gliders and balloons paved the path to a private pilot’s license, courtesy of the Royal Air Force-affiliated Air Training Corps …. and a generous father. ‘Father’ was repaid when son graduated first-in-class during Royal Air Force flying training. Philip saw RAF operational service in the ‘70’s flying Jaguar single-seat fighters across Europe and in the Sultanate of Oman in the early ‘80’s. This RAF training later laid the groundwork for dual airline transport pilot license (ATPL) qualifications, both UK and US.

With the offer of a piloting job flying the ‘Fuji Blimp’ across the US to the ’84 Olympics, Philip moved to the US in 1983. This move, combined with a stint flying amphibious ‘planes, completed the license ‘collection’. Thereafter, a 1984 hiring by American International Group and successive high-profile Gulfstream owners sparked the 1988 formation of Aviatrade, a Gulfstream aircraft management and charter company. Aviatrade quickly turned its focus to the more demanding and exacting world of cabin-class private jet acquisitions and has increasingly served a broad international clientele.

Aviatrade Asia was inaugurated in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China, in 2005 to offer acquisition consulting services in this rapidly expanding bizjet region. Today, Philip interacts with an impressive cadre of Aviatrade’s internationally-based directors who, combined, provide truly global service in an ever expanding cabin-class jet acquisition marketplace.

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Philip Rushton - Aviatrade Founder & President, Private Jet Acquisition Expert.
Philip Rushton

Founder & President

Ian ord - Director, Middle East, Private Jet Acquisition Expert.
Ian Ord

Director, Middle East

Jerry Connolly- Diector, Europe, Private Jet Acquisition Expert.
Jerry Connolly

Director, Europe

Gui Yue-General Manager, Greater China, Private Jet Acquisition Expert.
Gui Yue

General Manager, Greater China

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