Gulfstream’s pursuit of perfection continues unabated with the recent announcement that the G600 ‘iron-bird’ has ‘flown’ successfully for the first time…up to max. altitude (FL 510) and max. speed (mach number. .925)

The G600 is the designated successor to the G550 and will enter service a year after its junior, the G500. Both jets will embody fly-by-wire, side-stick control and touch-sensitive cockpit displays…none of this is particularly new technology…. However, when embraced by Gulfstream, it reminds me of the old Esso tag line at petrol stations in the UK “put a tiger in your tank“…grrrrrrr !

Gulfstream’s predicted entry-to-service dates for both jets will possibly beat the competition’s much-delayed Global 7000 and tempt yet more potential Global buyers onto the wait-list for G500/G600. This could put all four of Gulfstream’s industry-leading jets (assuming that the G650 is still in production alongside the G650ER) at the forefront of ultra-long-range jet travel.

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