It hasn’t taken very long this year…the latest on pricing from the pre-owned G650 market is that it is now starting ‘below $50MM’.

There are at least three G650 sellers that will entertain offers below the $50MM mark and very few other offerings, whether straight 650’s or 650ER’s, will come within a few million of their current asking prices.

One particular G650 owner is asking over $60MM (officially)…the acceptable price is around $55MM (unofficially).

Gulfstream is not alone in this seemingly never-ending downward price spiral. Given that Gulfstream is the gold-standard in the bizjet world, the other brands at this level…Falconjet and Bombardier are experiencing even greater value destruction.

Nothing is going to change for the rest of this year and our opinion is that the current pricing environment will continue to deteriorate.

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