It looks like a few of the Hong Kong billionaire jet owners are about to be ‘homeless’, there’s simply ‘no room at the inn’ for all of those shiny new jets. We believe that at last count, only approximately seventeen of the hundred or so bizjets based in Hong Kong have a roof over their fuselages, when not flying their owners around the world and apparently no additional hangar builds will be permitted.

Gulfstream G550 at home on the ramp at Hong Kong Business Aviation Center

There’s always the other possible reason…perhaps the sight of so many Gulfstream G650’s, Falcon 8X’s, Global 6000’s etc., populating the ramp at Hong Kong Business Aviation Center (HKBAC) has got under someone’s skin.

The other end of the Hong Kong transportation options

Anyhow, we’ve heard that enough is enough and an edict has been issued to the effect that a large number of HK-based jets are being told to ‘move out‘…and that means find a hangar or parking spot outside of Hong Kong….before the end of September !

What is the immediate by-product of this edict ?…you guessed it, whopping increases in hangar and ground rent at the other likely locales…Taiwan, Philippines, Jakarta, Singapore, they are all getting in on the action.

Such a shame that no-one had the foresight to keep Kai Tak active, but ‘developers will be developers’…lol

We suggest that the billionaire’s club should adopt one of those ‘organic’ little islands that the region seems to be growing fond of, lay down a nice ten thousand foot strip (so that BBJ’s can get airborne safely)…they could then build hangars to their hearts content and protect their investments from the ravages of the local climate and the pollution spewing from the Pearl River Delta.

Plenty of room for a runway plus hangars on this little beauty

Come to think of it, this would also help with the ‘B-registration’ perennial resale problem. Buyers might actually be convinced that a few of the those big jets are not riddled with corrosion.

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