Any change to the Gulfstream G650 market is big news due to the very limited supply (this will make number nine (with one of those nine being under offer at present, as previously disclosed on this blog). Aviatrade also hears that serious discussions are under way on a 2015 G650.

However, the dearth of available G650’s for sale is not, as might be expected, creating a price bubble…far from it. This recent listing addition has some pluses and minuses that will also affect the level of interest in this particular 2013 model G650.

Asking price for this 2013 G650 is $52.7MM. Not a bad place to start, especially if an owner wants to test the market and perhaps snare an uninformed buyer (yes, it happens at this level too). However, Aviatrade has first-hand insight into recent sale prices and we suspect that this Gulfstream G650 offering will eventually trade somewhere in the mid-high $40MM’s, especially when the sale prices for the recent three G650 transactions bleed into the broker network.

The devil is also in the details and a cautious approach to due diligence and prepurchase examination are always highly recommended. Gulfstream offers their Aircraft Records and Condition Survey (ARCS) as the preferred method of performing due diligence on a buyer’s behalf. In Aviatrade’s experience, any level of ARCS can sometimes prove to be insufficient scrutiny of the records and systems/components…especially on an aircraft such as the G650, which itself is the result of some revolutionary design and assembly practices.

Caveat Emptor !

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