It’s raining Gulfstream pre-owned sales (well, not quite). However, some of the buyers who had previously been sitting on the sidelines of the Gulfstream G550 marketplace have decided to take the plunge. Of the thirty or so G550’s for sale, at least eleven are ‘deal pending’. Of course, this can be anywhere from an offer having been accepted, to being pushed outside the Gulfstream service center in Savannah GA prior to delivery to a proud new Gulfstream G550 owner.

Gulfstream G550 taxying for a long range mission

We’re not quite at the $10MM G550 ‘bargain basement’ pricing…yet. But there are very good deals to be had, up and down the Gulfstream G550 vintage spectrum. As with all such complex assets, any G550 needs to be very carefully evaluated prior to making an offer. It’s more often a case of “what’s not included in the price” and the latest crop of nextgen avionics looms large in any G550 search. Also, there are the “people in the back-end” to consider…these owners want the latest and most efficient communications and entertainment systems.

And lest we forget, G550’s have been sold to original owners far and wide around the world. The provenance of any non-US registered aircraft (and the hassle of evaluating a G550 half-way around the world) need to be carefully considered.

The G650 and G650ER pre-owned segments, (this does not include recently delivered, available for re-sale aircraft), are still a little slow. A 2014 Gulfstream G650 is currently wending its way through the resale process with a price tag supposedly in the $46MM range. This is a non-program (engine/APU) aircraft that was initially priced in the low $50MM’s… which is probably the reason why it took over six months to sell.

There are some other pretty steep discounts to asking prices to be found in this G650 market…if a buyer looks carefully and has the necessary, non-public, information at hand.

When it comes to recently delivered G650 availability, look no further than Aviatrade

The ‘ne plus ultra’ of the Gulfstream G650 world, exquisite custom interior

This is the latest serial number currently available and this G650 was designed to create broad appeal at resale.

Aviatrade is the exclusive agent for this elegantly understated G650 and it can be viewed, by appointment only, in Bournemouth UK.

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