Adding to our recent post re. G650 prices….

There appears to be something of a ‘panic’ mode among Gulfstream G650 sellers (and their respective agents)….furtive ‘phone calls…”have you heard what serial number bla bla is selling for ?” is a very frequent question to our offices these days.

G650ER’s are now below $70MM…and all G650 prices will continue to slide.

Not to be outdone, FalconJet is fast approaching Salton Sea status….(for those unaware, Salton Sea used to be a fairly robust salt lake phenomenon…now almost irreversibly drying-up as a result of the everlasting California drought and other man-made blight).

Bombardier is looking forward to 2018, or thereabouts, for any real news in the ultra-long-range category…. if it can resuscitate its sales force (to date, the very definition of ‘eating one’s young’) and beg enough money from the ‘big house in Ottawa’ to stay afloat.

Embraer seems to have a bright spot in its new line of jets (450/500)…a good thing, because the Legacy 650/Lineage models are a little embarrassing.

BTW…can’t any OEM come up with something more imaginative than 450/500/550/600/650/6000/7000/8000/2000/7X/8X ?….and don’t get us started on the Cessna Citation line up !

Overall, the best chance at retaining any residual value is with Gulfstream…..a tried and tested resale market with no more than the usual deference to the global economy and its ebb and flow…right now…it’s ebbing !

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